Why become an Institute Member?

"I have professional pride. To belong to a professional community that enables me to be the best at what I do. The IFA gives me access to support, tools, networks and global best practice for the good of my career, business, clients and community".

Excellence - Beyond Competence

IFA Member

Join the Institute of Financial Advisers and you become part of a community of like-minded professionals.

You'll be able to attain our two internationally-recognised professional marks - the CFPCM mark and the CLU mark.

You will find our annual conference is designed specifically to stimulate and extend professional advisers.

We have a broad range of practitioners including in the areas of risk, investment and estate planning.
We provide a number of templates and tools to help you remain compliant with laws and regulations.

Our regular branch meetings and regional forums are an opportunity to help you keep up with industry developments and to network with industry colleagues.

We provide regular CPD opportunities including Professional Development Roadshows, seminars and webinars.

According to your area of focus, you will also be represented by one of our Special Interest Groups. The SIGs provide support and guidance tools to members who share a special interest in an area of advice. Currently there are SIGs representing financial planning, insurance, investment, trustee and estate planning and lending.

We will keep you in the loop with regular communication on industry matters and provide access to our member intranet - a resource library of information.

We will list you on the Institute's consumer website, so that potential clients know who you are and what areas of advice you provide. We'll help strengthen your offer and reinforce your position as a professional adviser.

Our job is to provide an environment for your success. By joining us, you will make us stronger and more able to achieve that goal on behalf of all professional advisers like you.

Membership is not restricted to practitioners. Those who work in the industry but don't give financial advice may join us as Affiliates.

We look forward to having you join us!

IFA Membership Booklet
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