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Triplejump e-module #1: The Principles of Risk Management Planning

Event Type: Other
When: 07 Sep - 31 Aug 2020
Time: Anytime
Venue: Online e-module
Location: Online e-module
Provider: Triplejump
Contact: info@triplejump.co.nz
Practitioner Member Fee: $92.00
Associate Member Fee: $92.00
Affiliate Member Fee: $92.00
Non-Member Fee: $92.00
CPD Credits: 1 CPD hour
Type: Online
Level: Foundation
Industry Knowledge: Insurance planning and risk management
Presenter: Online content developed for Triplejump by Cecilia Farrow CLU

Risk – an inherent part of everyday life and business operations. Risk management can sometimes be complicated, and being able to analyse and discuss risk with confidence is essential for every successful business.

Real life examples are just one of the learning tools demonstrated in this interactive e-module, designed with learning outcomes such as defining key methods of risk mitigation and outlining the steps in the risk management process. On the completion of this e-module, you will be able to understand common risk strategies such as reduction, retention, avoidance and transfer.

Learning Objectives: 1. Describe the types of risk and the key mitigations to reduce the impact of risk. 2. Identify the key steps in the risk management planning process.

Pricing per e-module Price per e-module is $92 including GST One structured CPD hour Each module comes with a resource pack and access to an online learning portal Triplejump will advise the IFA if you successfully pass the e-module and this will be added to your CPD log by the IFA as 1 structured CPD hour.