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Taxation Refresh

Event Type: Meeting
When: 26 May 2017
Time: 8:30 - 10 am
Venue: Christchurch Bridge Club, 21 Nova Street, Christchurch
Location: Christchurch
Provider: IFA
Contact: Patrick Clemenger
patrick@awebster.co.nz 021 2700 677
Practitioner Member Fee: Complimentary
Associate Member Fee: Complimentary
Affiliate Member Fee: Complimentary
Non-Member Fee: Complimentary
Jeremy Robertson
Specialist Taxation Lecturer - Ara Institute of Canterbury

Jeremy is an accomplished accountant, specializing in taxation. He has extensive experience, working at the Inland Revenue Department for over eight years before venturing overseas.
He joined Ara Institute of Canterbury in 2015 as their specialist taxation lecturer, teaching on the degree, diploma and graduate diploma programmer, and enjoys broadening the appeal of taxation and accounting to the wide range of Ara students.

To ensure the most value for members, Jeremy has offered to tailor his talk (subject to time constraints) to answer questions posed by advisers. We have the following topics to dater:
• A refresher on PIEs and FIF
• The advantages/disadvantages of PIEs for non-NZ tax residents
• The advantages/disadvantages of PIEs for non-tax payers (eg, charitable trusts)
• When does an ‘investor’ become a ‘trader’?
Members are invited to request other questions/topics for Jeremy to cover